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Five absolutely baffling things said to my patients by other physicians:

  1. To a patient with persistent stomach problems, said by a gastroenterologist: “Take the Nexium”. Don’t worry what you eat; food doesn’t make a difference in stomach problems.”
  2. To a patient who had just completed an unsuccessful very toxic chemotherapy program, and was being offered another toxic regimen that was experimental (explanation: I suggested an intravenous vitamin C therapy to see if it would help with how he felt, and with his immune system): “We consider intravenous vitamin C to be too dangerous to give in our clinic.”
  3. To a patient about to under go chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, said by her oncologist: “Don’t eat any fruits or vegetables. The anti-oxidants may interfere with the chemotherapy drugs.”
  4. To a 14 year old girl who had recently began having periods, in he presence of her mother, said by the pediatrician: “We’ll have to get you on birth control soon.”
  5. And my absolute favorite was not said out loud at all. My patient, who’s visual problems were improved at least 50% by a homeopathic eye tincture and by taking an herbal supplements with bilberry told her ophthalmologist how much better she was doing on the natural meds, and she took them out of her purse to show him. He picked the bottles up and pointedly dropped them in the waste basket in front of him.

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