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I was doing business with someone recently and, as happens frequently, the conversation turned to the state of his health.  He had been put on Armour thyroid by a well-meaning physician, felt great for awhile, then stopped feeling well.  He went back to feeling tired, having some weight gain, lowered libido and feeling vaguely depressed, or at least mentally exhausted.

I explained to him that the thyroid, adrenal glands, sex hormones and neurotransmitters are intimately connected, they send second-to-second messages to one another, and affecting one will have effects on the others unless they too are supported and adjusted.   Over and over, patients tell me that they were put on thyroid medicine, on anti-depressants, on hormones or whatever.  They feel better at first, but then their symptoms return.   This is the problem with “piecemeal medicine.”   Think of how a bicycle wheel is adjusted.  You tighten one spoke, than another and another until the wheel is balanced.  You don’t tighten one spoke and send the bike off to someone else for other adjustments. 

My business associate has a high-stress job, and his continued adrenal exhaustion essentially compensated for any improvement in the thyroid function from the medication.  Looking at these other systems, adjusting and supporting where appropriate, gives better and more lasting results.  This is the way the body works, and it should be the way that medicine works.

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