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Our Site is Changing!

I’ve been practicing medicine for almost 35 years now, and have treated many hundreds of people with thyroid and metabolic disorders. And the patients keep coming – I could book the next 6 months solid with thyroid appointments and still have a waiting list. Just as prevalent as the patients is the amount of information out there, ranging from very helpful to dumb to dangerously misleading. I want my patients, and the broader community, to have an online resource for getting accurate information, sharing stories, and finding answers.

In that spirit, I’m excited to announce that in a few weeks I’ll be relaunching this website as an online community that will offer newsfeeds, guest bloggers, groups to join, video links, and all kinds of ways to share information. I hope you’ll join us in building a community where people like you can learn from others’ experiences and share your own.

If you subscribe to our blog (link to the right) you’ll receive an email notification when the site goes live.

 Glenn Rothfeld MD

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2 Responses to “Our Site is Changing!”

  1. on 25 Jul 2011 at 7:29 pm Leah Jacobson

    I have hyperthyroid and am newly diagnosed w/Graves Disease.

    What can I do besides take pills? Methazol and Panalol to slow my heart..

    I am trying to find a natural alterative..
    also, what did I do to cause this??

    please write,

    Leah Jacobson

  2. on 01 May 2012 at 1:15 am Bill Coffey

    Do you actually give prescriptions for Westhroid or naturthroid? If you do not do you recommend Doctors who do? My wife has low, low thyroid and we have an appointment with your office this Wednesday at 1PM. Will we be able to get a prescription from you?

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