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テつAnd you thought the news was already scary enough to keep you up nights, now we have the daily reports on the swine flu virus.テつ Like the killer bees that are slowly making their way up from South America to our back yards, we now have a mysterious virus that has ominously sprung from the [...]

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I admit to being jaded with the way pharmaceutical medicine is practiced, and I tend to live by the aphorism, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t after you.” So when news items like these come to light, it just reaffirms my world view. *sigh*. First on the Why-Am-I-Not-Surprised list is this report in [...]

Today’s topic is nuts…..almonds, that is (sorry). Study after study has been published recently demonstrating the benefits of this common nut, so common that I’ve been able to get them at several places in the Charlotte airport, where I’ve spent the past couple of days (not by choice, rather by some Cosmic Design). One group [...]

Its that time again, when we decide what we’re going to change about ourselves and our health habits, and by doing so, decide what things we’re probably eventually going to fail at and feel guilty about: these are also called New Year’s resolutions. Having felt enough guilt in my life, though, I’m in favor of [...]

Hypnotized by a Breath

I was thinking today about the most amazing lung exam I have ever done. I know that sounds a little odd but to some one who has done literally over 10,000 lung exams there are always a few standouts. A patient of mine was playing host to some Buddhist monks here from England. One of [...]

Light on Breast Cancer

In what surely must be under the category of “yet another thing to worry about”, Israeli researchers have published information on the possibility that artificial light promotes breast cancer. This idea is supported by animal studies and human epidemiological studies (for instance, women who work the night shift have higher rates of breast cancer than [...]

My son is in now college in San Francisco. Being from the East Coast, I think San Francisco is a lovely city built on a fault line and I keep waiting for him to report when he feels his first tremors. Oddly enough, I found a study that has found the positive advantage in living [...]

IVC and Cancer

From the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has come more evidence that injectible vitamin C might be a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.テつ The report was published in the August 5, 2008 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:テつ http://www.nih.gov/news/health/aug2008/niddk-04.htm . In this mouse study, cancers of the pancreas, brain [...]

I was doing business with someone recently and, as happens frequently, the conversation turned to the state of his health.テつ He had been put on Armour thyroid by a well-meaning physician, felt great for awhile, then stopped feeling well.テつ He went back to feeling tired, having some weight gain, lowered libido and feeling vaguely depressed, [...]

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