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Frequently Asked Questions…

Q Regarding the apple cider vinegar, can I add it to juice? Can I take it in capsule form? Does it matter if it’s in a meal instead of with water?

Apple cider vinegar is an old folk remedy for a variety of ailments and imbalances. In his famous book, Folk Medicine, Dr. Paul Jarvis describes the uses of apple cider vinegar from cleansing the body to massaging cider vinegar onto the chest at night to prevent hot flashes!

It’s usually described as correcting the acid-alkaline balance in the body, since this balance is critical to metabolism. It’s also thought to help break down fats and proteins in food. I think that apple cider vinegar probably works by aiding digestion. We included it in the Metabolic Matrix Diet Plan for this reason, since the first step in a good diet is to make sure our food is broken down completely.

Apple cider vinegar can be mixed with water or juice or into salad dressings. I always choose the form of a treatment closest to mother nature, so I’m not sure pills work as well. But for those of you who cringe at the thought of gulping down vinegar, we do use cider vinegar capsules; four capsules to a teaspoon.

Q What about green tea? Is decaf as effective?

A little bit of caffeine is known to boost metabolism, so regular green tea probably gives the fullest effect. But any tea, even black tea or decaffeinated tea, is rich in valuable anti-oxidants and can be added to a metabolic balancing program.

Q Is the thyroid balance/ Metabolic Matrix Diet Plan safe for anyone to use? Even if you’re on thyroid medication?

The Metabolic Matrix Diet Plan is basically a healthy way of eating. It concentrates on removing chemicals, sugars and refined products from our diet and utilizes fresh produce, prevents over-stimulation of insulin and assists in proper digestion and energy production. Remember, you are hardly giving up anything. Who could resist a diet that allows you many of your favorite foods in moderation?

The only exceptions are people who have kidney or liver failure and thus must limit the amount of protein they take into their bodies. In addition, insulin-dependent diabetics may need to adjust their insulin dose, although the program itself should be helpful.

Q Where can I find a doctor in my area who is trained in integrative medicine?

Both www.ACAM.org and www.holisticmedicine.org contain the names of other physicians that practice nutritional medicine. The websites allow you to search your area and find someone practicing near you.

Q You recommend avoiding wheat, rye and other flours. Is soy flour okay?

Soy flour is less likely to cause food allergy than wheat or the other grains. However, flour (even whole grain flour) is processed food. That is, it gets into the body quickly without having to be broken down like a whole grain. It can stimulate insulin and get stored as fat before the body fully utilizes it. So, for weight reduction, try to steer clear of all flour products.

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